Our investments

Investment criteria

We seek regional privately owned businesses that have:

  • clear strategies;
  • several years of sustained profit performance; 
  • positioned in industries and markets being shaped by positive long-term trends; 
  • defensible competitive advantage;
  • clearly defined risks; and
  • opportunities to improve performance through governance, management or operations input.

We are flexible in structuring approach with the ability to invest in different parts of the capital structure through hybrids or ordinary shares and can take both minority and majority ownership positions for the latter. The company profiles we are interested in include:

  • Growth – the company has been trading profitably for a sustained period and is seeking capital to scale either organically or through acquisitions;
  • Management Buy Out (MBO) – we fund proven incumbent management teams to acquire the business they’re currently running from all or some of the existing owners;
  • Management Buy In (MBI) – we will fund proven third-party managers to acquire or buy into an existing business;
  • Partial or full sell downs by existing shareholders – in certain circumstances we can invest in a business to permit existing owners to free up capital, subject to all parties remaining fully aligned to ongoing success of the business.

While we would not normally invest in early stage companies, we are nonetheless interested in building a relationship with high-potential companies that may lead to an investment at a later stage. We may also be able to introduce investors interested in early stage capital.

Our current investments

  • Areograph Limited
  • Back Country Foods Limited
  • BISON Group Limited
  • Fiordland Lobster Limited
  • Izon Science Limited
  • Magic Memories Group Limited
  • NZ Beeswax Limited
  • Nomos Limited
  • Waikaia Gold Limited
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